"In the 2.5 years I've been taking private lessons with Tom, he has never been anything less than thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. He communicates clearly and understands the challenges unique to an adult student. My main interest is classical guitar and I have made amazing progress in this area; he also incorporates music theory, musicianship, and music history into our lessons. He is a lot of fun and takes a genuine interest in my growth as a well-rounded musician. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who wants to learn any style of guitar."
-Wendy Lindroos

 "Thomas Kenny is an amazing instructor because he is both an extremely skilled musician, and a teacher that truly understands what is required to guide his students to the desired result. He effortlessly helps his students understand what they want and need to become better at playing the guitar, but more importantly he gives his students what they need to become better musicians. He is by far the best music instructor I've had (after many years of instruction!), and has really helped me to push the boundaries of my musical abilities."
-Jolene Yee

 "After just 1 lesson, I can tell that I picked the right teacher to help me with my musical goals! Thomas is patient, very knowledgable, and it seems like if I bring any project to him in future lessons, he'll be able to help with whatever I throw at him. Thanks again! I look forward to getting better and having Thomas help me along the way"
-Jesse M

 "Tom was amazing! I found him on craigslist and listened to some tracks he had online, but the real thing was really so much better. He played at a dinner I threw on valentines day, and people were really impressed, it made the evening."
-Iso Rabbins